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Im a poor lonesome cowboy, and a long way from home...Lucky Luke is an extremely popular comic book series originally created in French by Maurice De Bevere and written by the great René Goscinny himself. These tales of adventures set in the American Old West featuring Lucky Luke, the cowboy who shoot faster than his shadow, are immensely enjoyable for readers of all age groups and was a hugely successful comic-book series in Europe. Riding Jolly Jumper, the smartest horse in the world Lucky Luke roams the chaotic horizons of American Old West capturing gangsters and righting wrong with his lightning fast gun reflexes and ingenuity. Lucky Luke is the epitome of the classic American Cowboy hero.Goscinny has once conceded that the plots are based on real life events from the Wild West when ever possible and this can be seen in the stories with ‘Lucky Luke’ usually meeting up with some legendary personalities from the period like Buffalo Bill, Dalton Gang, Doc Holliday, Billy the Kid, Jesse James, Calamity Jane, Mark Twain and Abraham Lincoln and participating in some of the most epic actual events of the old west during the course of the series.In ‘Billy The Kid’ Lucky Luke comes across a town that is terrorized by a spoiled brat of bully named Billy the Kid. The fear for Billy among the town folks is so great that no one stands as witnesses to his various deeds of crime. So Lucky Luke stands against Billy in a mission to bring him to the local justice. After a series of adventures filled with humor and scheming Lucky Luke brings normalcy to the town by placing Billy in jail.Compared to Asterix, you may find the Lucky Luke comics a bit dull visually but with fast action packed storyline they are as appealing as Asterix & Tintin. What makes these titles really worth reading are the extreme simplicity and charm Morris & Goscinny has placed into the narrations and the drawings. The story is simple to understand and the humor is clean & straightforward with great use of Wild West clichés and stereotype characters. The cartoon panels have a surreal appeal to them thanks to the color tones that are employed and the style of the art involved. This surreal feel of the sketches connects cleverly with the time period, which it more appealing.

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